Save money on your move.

Save money on your move.

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Moving time!

Sunglow has over 48 years in floor, tile, and natural stone care experience.  Call today for a free quote.

Sunglow is family owned an operated. It has over 48 years in floor, tile, grout, and natural stone care experience. Call (702) 800-9880 today for a free quote.


Summer is right around the corner and that mean it is also moving season here in Las Vegas and all over.  People will typically move from their rentals into new rentals or potential home buyers plan on buying before the summer is over.  Why? Many people moving over the warmer months are families with children who are out for the summer vacation.  They don’t want to disrupt school schedules or classes.  The weather is also better because, really, who wants to look at houses when it is like 40 degrees outside?

Today, we’re going to talk about ways to save money on that move.

  • Know when your lease is up and how much time you need to give your property manager or landlord your notice.  Most require 30 days in writing.  So be sure you give the property manager and yourself ample time so that you do not incur fees of any sort.  You don’t want to end up losing your security deposit.
  • Sort through your belongings, you may find out you don’t want to move things into the new place and choose to donate them instead.  There is usually a donation place nearby so you’ll save time, energy, and gas by choosing not to move things you no longer want or need to your new home.
  • Start saving those boxes now from wherever you can find them.  Costco trip, got a package recently?  Are you on Facebook? Ask your friends if they have any.  You’ll be surprised by how many boxes you can collect without buying any.
  • Price out moving trucks and companies ahead of time.  You’ll find that booking trucks and moving companies last minute can cost you a hefty sum.  Wouldn’t you rather use that money to to go to to your nearest water park this summer to cool off?
  • Check with your property manager on their cleaning fee/deposit.  You might find that it would be a better deal for you to have the carpets, tile flooring, and countertops professionally cleaned yourself than to let the property manager/landlord keep your cleaning deposit/fee.  They usually ask for a copy of the receipt so make sure you have your professional cleaner provide you with one.

If you find that you are in need of a professional cleaner, give us a call at (702)800-9880 and schedule a free estimate.

We do carpet, tile, grout, natural stone, and even upholstery cleaning.

“No job is too small, we do it all!”

Great Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Service

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Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning from Sunglow

If you are living in Las Vegas you can take advantage of the many services from Sunglow Carpet And Tile Care. Carpets form an integral part of the decor of our home and greatly enhance the look and feel of any room. However, just installing a carpet to make your room look nice is not enough.

The Need To Clean Carpets

blodCarpets need to be cleaned at regular intervals to keep your home free from germs. In the earlier days people used to clean carpet themselves by hanging the rugs and beating them clean with a cane or a strong stick, till the dirt and grime was beaten out of it. You could buy a whole host of cleaning material and try to clean your carpets yourself.

But as most of you already know that this is neither a feasible way of cleaning carpets as cleansing materials can be very expensive nor does your busy life permit you to take up such a tedious task yourself. This is a great reason to utilize a professional carpet cleaning Las Vegas company like Sunglow Carpet and TIle.

Why You Should Opt For Professional Help

A professional cleaning company can clean out all the carpets in your home in one visit, without you have to move a finger, worry about heavy equipment, or cleaning agents. This can become a tedious and expensive task for most home owners. At Sunglow we are proficient in carpet cleaning and provide excellent carpet cleaning services using innovative methods at an outstanding value that you will surely appreciate.

Sunglow is known for quick and effective services dedicated to Las Vegas home and commercial clientele. We are dedicated Las Vegas carpet cleaners who will not only remove all the dirt and stains from your carpets, you carpets will be looking and smelling just like new carpets after their job is done. You have come to the right place to learn valuable information about a fantastic Las Vegas carpet cleaning service.

There are many companies that offer carpet cleaning service in Las Vegas with professionals who understand the fact that you lead a hectic life. We hope that when you decide it’s time for a fresh cleaning that Sunglow Carpet and Tile is considered for your home or business. We provide flexible convenient service to all of our customers at great affordable rates. If you choose you can also select convenient and affordable maintenance plans that will surely keep your carpets looking fresh and clean all the time.

Great Tile and Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas

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Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas from Sunglow

You may have spent a lot of money investing in the flooring of your home with the best tiles and plush and lovely carpets, but before long, the dirt and grime deposits will make the cleaning of your floors a nightmare. If you are in Las Vegas worry no more. Although There are many companies that provide professional tile and carpet cleaning services but few offer great service, amazing value, and guaranteed results like Sunglow Carpet and Tile Care.

The Need to Hire Professionals

sunglow-1-150x150It is very important to keep your carpet and tile clean to keep your house free of contamination and germs that can lead to unhealthy results and unsightly floors. Most realize that carpeting does require at least some regular maintenance for a deep clean to remove embedded dirt, grime, stains, and other unpleasant contaminates.

Most don’t realize that tile also requires care and attention if you are to realize its true maximum benefit. In fact if you neglect the cleaning of your tiles over a long period of time, you may have to tear them out altogether at a later stage. This will burn a big hole in your pocket that is certainly not desirable. Instead it will be a much wise and prudent decision to hire the services of a skilled Las Vegas tile cleaning company such as Sunglow Carpet and Tile Care.

Experts in Tile Cleaning

Sunglow only utilize professionals who have great expertise in cleaning tile and treating grout. This requires a fair amount of knowledge and skill to clean the grout of the tiles effectively and appropriately. It may look like an easy job to you, but for an unskilled person it will be anything but easy!

In you are looking at cleaning your tile and carpet all at once, you may consider hiring the professional services of a good cleaning company in Las Vegas that is proficient in total floor cleaning and maintenance. This will save you a great amount of time and money. Sunglow can accommodate all of your flooring needs and provide excellent value, particularly if you select to participate in a regular cleaning and maintenance package.

blogfamilySunglow can customize a maintenance packages that will fit your time and accommodate most any budget. If you opt for such deals you may end up saving a lot of money. However do exercise caution when you are opting for package deals. At Sunglow we do not spend a ton of money on advertising then pass the costs onto our clients. We believe that with outstanding service and value that you will appreciate doing business with us. In the age of technology and this fast paces world we are in good honest service resulting in great customer satisfaction remains the best way to communicate with our clients Regardless of who you select as your carpet and tile cleaning service Sunglow encourages you to do some research online and talk to others before deciding who to call. A little bit of time and research on your part may save a lot of time, money, and stress for you down the road when it comes to quality carpet and tile cleaning and maintenance services in Las Vegas.