Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Services

photo-21-150x150At Sunglow Carpet and Tile Care we pride ourselves in offering the BEST Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Services available and work hard for you to restore the original beauty of your floor by removing built up dirt and grime that easily embeds into it. Over time daily traffic and our busy lifestyles can cause your carpet to lose its luster and take on a dull and worn out appearance.

Vacuuming your carpet only removes loose surface materials and does nothing for the deep cleaning that your carpet needs to look and perform as it was designed when it was installed in your Las Vegas home.

Until you give your carpets the cleaning they need, you probably have no idea about the amount of dirt, grime, bacteria, bugs, germs, and other harmful material that your carpet attracts and keeps just below the surface.

Get Professional Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Services & Care Treatment

Recondition your carpet and return it to life with a good deep-cleaning by a professional Sunglow carpet care technician. We use a superb and powerful truck mounted cleaning system that thoroughly massages and cleans every fabric within your carpet all the way down to the padding.

Those old grease spills and food stains that you spent hours on trying to clean will become just a bad memory as Sunglow’s Las Vegas carpet cleaning services removes spots and stains permanently as the color and feel of your original carpeting is revived.Restoration Truck With Restoration Equipment

truck-mount-150x150Top grade professional carpet cleaning equipment combined with hot water treatment and environmentally safe high quality cleaners is a tested recipe for true carpet cleaning success. We have so much faith in our cleaning system that we guarantee our results and back our services with a Money-Back Guarantee.

Our carpet cleaning system is extremely effective and efficient. While other companies leave your carpets with residues and take several hours to dry, Sunglow leaves your carpets particle and residue free requiring just a couple of hours for complete drying.

Amazing Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Services Rates

At Sunglow Carpet and Tile Care quality carpet care does not mean that you will pay more for great results. We want your experience with our Sunglow professionals to be positive and our goal is to deliver value with amazing quality results. We invite you to review our carpet cleaning rates and call us at (702) 800-9880 for a FREE estimate.