Las Vegas Persistent Stain Removal

Sunglow offers the BEST Las Vegas Persistent Stain Removal Services!


As in many Las Vegas homes, you may have evidence of some spills, grime spots, or grease stains that just won’t come all the way out of your carpeting or upholstery fabrics. At Sunglow we understand how important it is for you to have your home looking its best which is why we offer Las Vegas Persistent Stain Removal services. In most cases our dynamic carpet cleaning system will remove the majority of common household stains. However, the more stubborn spots may require some extra attention.

Sunglow is here to help as our high powered stain and grime removers, combined with our effective cleaning system, will remove mud, lipstick, gum, red wine, oil, rust, coffee, or just about any other stain causing substance.

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