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What You Don’t Know about Upholstery Fabrics CAN Hurt You

When it comes to “do-it-yourself” cleaning of fine upholstery fabrics, if you don’t understand what you are cleaning, what you are using to clean it, and how what you use can affect what you clean, you will never be able to get consistently good results. In addition, you are guaranteed, at some point, to ruin something.

Is Doing It Yourself Worth the Risk?

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However, if you absolutely must attempt to clean your upholstery yourself, here are the essential things you’ll need to know:

Fiber Characteristics:

You must know how fibers react to soiling/staining and how they react to cleaning products and procedures. It might be “fun to know” things about their history and unique characteristics outside of the cleaning realm, but don’t get distracted by such details during your learning process.

What you must know are the unique things about the fibers of  your fabrics that make them easy or difficult to clean, and how they react to the products you have available to clean them. Learn what things the “families of fibers” have in common, such as which are absorbent, delicate natural fibers as opposed to less absorbent, durable synthetic fibers.

(Of course, you will need to know how to identify these fibers or families of fibers for this information to do you any good.)


You don’t have to be an interior designer and know all of the specific names of fabrics. However, you do need to know how the construction and design of the fabric introduce inherent factors you may not be able to influence, what tools and products are safe to use, and what risks you take when cleaning the fabric.

Here are just a few of the things you should consider:

Does the fabric have a soft texture or nap?  Knowing how to prevent and/or how to correct texture distortion is critical.

Is the fabric white or cream colored?  Browning problems are becoming more common than ever.

Is the fabric multicolored?  Haven’t seen bleeding for awhile?  (Wait till you encounter some of the newer Asian imports!)


Because of the wide variety of fibers, dyes, and finishes used in upholstery, you cannot safely use carpet cleaning formulations on many upholstery fabrics.  Understanding which types of products (not necessarily brands) should be used for the variety of fibers and fabrics you’ll encounter is important.

Products are not just cleaning solutions, but also tools.  There are new tools that can help you clean more safely and effectively than those tools that were “state of the art” just a few years ago.


It’s important to know what you are working on and what you need to use, not just howto do it.  Learning how to clean the wide variety of fiber and fabric types is nothing you’ll learn by watching a video or take a few “swipes” across a cushion.  You need to know these procedures in depth, and to have practiced in real world environments.

There are enough easy to clean, “safe” synthetic fiber fabrics out there for a cleaner to getupholstery-before-afterby cleaning them with insufficient knowledge of solutions and tools that aren’t appropriate for more delicate fabrics.  The problem is that you never know when you may encounter something that will clean poorly at best, or that you’ll totally ruin at worst.

Simply put, what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

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